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Stainless Sleeves

Hard-Chrome Coated Stainless Sleeves

Get long-lasting stainless, chrome repair sleeves for worn shafts. DURA SLEEVE of Surrey, British Columbia, makes extremely durable sleeves for many applications and ships across Canada and the United States.


DURA SLEEVE is made from corrosion- and oxidation-resistant, 304 stainless steel with a hard-chrome oil seal contact area. You may order stainless-steel sleeves in any of over 100 popular sizes.

Unique Features

Some of our unique product features:

• Hard-Chromed Wear Surface
• Friction and Wear Resistant
• Heavy Duty, High Performance
Diagram and Examples of Damaged and Restored Components

DURA SLEEVE restores and rejuvenates the oil seal contact area on damaged components. Use our product on shafts, yokes, harmonic balancers, etc.


You'll be impressed with the outcome of our durability test, which involved a weighted, bi-metal saw blade riding on the sleeve surface, spinning at 625 RPM!

Amazing Test Results

A sleeve without any protective hard-chrome surface wore through in one minute. DURA SLEEVE, with hard-chrome coating, survived the abuse for 1.5 hours!